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Free Common Core PD Modules by SAP
  • Student Achievement Partners is a nonprofit founded by three of the contributing authors to the Common Core. This group, which develops tools for effective standards implementation, has released three new Common Core professional development modules designed to support district and school leadership in their transition to the Common Core
  • SAP initially released four modules in July 2012. The modules are intended for wide use among individual educators, in professional learning communities, or in preparation of professional development in a school or district setting
  • The time required for each module can be customized
  • Each module contains a facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint presentations with thorough notes, hands-on activities, related readings and research, recommended topics for discussion, and web and video resources. Refer to the Facilitator’s Guide for specific instructions on how to use each part of the module
  • The new modules available are: Introduction to the Literacy Shifts in the Content Areas: An introduction to the key shifts required by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, specifically in the content areas (social studies, science, arts, etc.)
  • Please visit http://www.achievethecore.org to download these modules.

Good Morning Facilitators!

Hot off the presses — Hall Davidson's Keynote Presentation.

Please download using the following links just in case you are unable to stream. It is best to begin the download now just as both file are a bit large.
The streamed version however is the uncut version without interruption. Have fun today!

To download the videos (just a backup – use livestream link if possible!)

Here is the full version on livestream, which you are encouraged to watch if you don't have bandwidth problems.

And the materials mentioned in the presentation.

PS The pdf's of the power points used in the LiveStream are posted here: http://linkyy.com/HallDavidsonHandouts (and in MediaShare)
If participants can not log in to www.discoveryeducation.com they may use this temporary login for streaming only!

u: indytrainer
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Ronique Hicks
Senior Manager for Professional Development, Implementation
C: 240.463.9293
E: ronique_hicks@discovery.com

Nov. 6th Workday

Middle School Schedule:

8am - Common Core Activity Webcast by Cindy with W-1 Student Task
12 noon - Discovery Ed Webinar

High School Schedule:
8am - Discovery Ed Webinar
12 noon - Common Core Activity Webcast by Cindy with W-1 Student Task

Common Core Activity Webcast - Cindy Rudolph8 am for Middle School/12 noon for High School

The video is linked through You-Tube. You can use the embedded video below or click HERE. It will probably work better on your Firefox browser. When I show the video within this video, for whatever reason, there is no sound. Just fast forward through that 2 minute section and continue. You may watch that video using this link HERE. To see hard copies of examples, click HERE and scroll to the middle of the page!

Each teacher should submit their W-1 task for credit to:


In the subject line include:
1. school name and
2. courier code

Attach the W-1 task and an example of what the student work should look like.

Discovery Ed Webinar - Will NOT be Archived8am for High School/12 Noon for Middle School

  • All teachers should be in their groups in a room with a projection system and computers or iPads

  • Each teacher should have a copy of the needed print-outs below

  • Only the facilitator at each school should log-in to the Webinar so that it can be projected onto the screen

  • The other teachers should login to DE and follow along on their computer or iPad using the login provided below. It is OK if 2 teachers share a device

  • If there is a technical problem, the facilitator should print out the CMS STEM Facilitators Troubleshooting document and follow the instructions

Username -- emailstem_couriercode (eg. jane.smith_803)
Password -- Teacher

Webinar Print-outs: each teacher should have a copy of the "DTH.pdf" handouts before the webinar begins.

10 Tips for Sparking Curiosity - A Webinar for Teachers
October 25 (7-8pm ET)
Keep your students' curiosity piqued by teaching them how to find information, explore interests, and solve problems. Using the free online resources provided through CuriosityintheClassroom.com, agoogleaday, Guess the Wordle and more, we'll explore ten tips for sparking curiosity in the classroom.
Click Here to Register

Register for Webinar on the Common Exams - Join the NCDPI and the NC Association of Educators for a webinar on the new Common Exams (formerly referred to as Measures of Student Learning). Find out more about the creation of these new assessments, and how they will be used in the sixth standard rating for teachers. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. Register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/217537432 . Please contact Jennifer Preston with the NCDPI at jennifer.preston@dpi.nc.gov or Angela Farthing with the NCAE at Angela.Farthing@ncae.org with questions.

Webinar Addresses Accountability, Testing and Common Exams - On Oct. 25 from 3:30-5 p.m., the NCDPI Accountability Services staff and the Race to the Top Project Coordinator for Educator Effectiveness will host an informational webinar on the state’s new accountability model, the new end-of-course and end-of-grade assessments, and the Common Exams (formerly known as Measures of Student Learning). The primary audience for this webinar is principals and classroom teachers. Space is limited, so please register early. The webinar will be recorded and made available, along with any documents/resources presented during the webinar, on the Accountability Services web page. To register, please visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/874219937

AIG Webinar Series Logo.JPG

Session : Tuesday, November 13, 4:30-5:30
  • The Earth has been around for about 4 billion years and organisms have found solutions to many problems we currently face. This session will focus on how nature has adapted to solve engineering problems. We will explore questions such as: How does a beetle in the desert get water? How do leaves stay clean? How can a sea shell take chemicals from water and make such a smooth, hard surface?
  • Appropriate for teachers of advanced students in grades 6-12 science courses.
  • To register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/606949393

Session: Tuesday, December 11, 4:30-5:30
Color: What is color? IR, Visible, and Infared – the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • This session will focus on exploring what is color and related topics to color. We will explore questions such as: How can we get useful work from energy in this wavelength? And how do plants do this? How is optogenetics, a new field in medicine, utilizing light to activate drugs?
  • Appropriate for teachers of advanced students in grades 6-12 science courses.
  • To register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/713205752


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