Textbooks and Resources for Science Electives

  • If your school offers a science elective course and you do not have any textbooks or textbook resources (i.e. test banks, workbooks, lab guides) available, then you should first ask your textbook administrator at your school to contact the textbook warehouse for textbook/resource availability.
  • Science is off adoption, therefore any ancillary material we get we have to pay for and may not be available.
  • The STEM Department does not have authority to order these resources for you because textbooks have to be entered individually by school into the Lawson inventory system.
  • If you are unsuccessful in procuring any type of resources, then please email us! We will do our best to assist you, however, unfortunately, there are no promises we can actually find what you need within a reasonable amount of time!

Courses Offered at Honors Level Only:

  • Forensic Science
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Microbiology

Anatomy & Physiology

Textbook Information

312607 - Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
312783 - Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology TE
Ancillary would include (may not be available):
Instructor's Guide w/ tests
Instructor's Art CD
Testing CD-ROM

Online Resources

3-D Brain Anatomy - From PBS.
3-D Human Anatomy - Visible human body.
Resources for Teaching Anatomy & Physiology - From California State University at Northridge
Anatomy and Physiology Animations I - From LCS-North Harris College
Anatomy and Physiology Animations II - From LCS-North Harris College


Textbook Information

312599 - Intro to Astronomy Explorations by Arny
Ancillary would include (may not be available):
Instructor testing and resource CD ROM
Digital content manager CD ROM

Settlemyer Planetarium - Rock Hill SC

Planetarium Link
  • just reopened after a complete renovation
  • will help organize “Science Nights” where parents and students enjoy programs together for a discounted admission rate
  • planetarium only seats about 50 people at a time, would need to schedule several showings for a whole school, but is easy to coordinate
  • if any high school teachers offering courses in astronomy and would like to work out a more formal arrangement with the museum for a laboratory experience; new projection system can demonstrate many astronomical concepts, such as celestial coordinate systems, the motion of the sun, moon, and planets both in the sky and through space, the proper motion of stars, and many others
  • planetarium renovation is a significant teaching tool and we want to ensure it is fully utilized by everyone in the region.

Jim Greenhouse
Planetarium Manager
Culture & Heritage Museums
4621 Mt. Gallant Rd. Rock Hill, SC 29732
803.329.2121 x 113 (voice)
803.329.5249 (fax)

Online Resources

NSF Astronomy & Space Classroom Resources
Free Federal Resources
Duke Astronomy Resources
Astronomy in Your Hands
Astronomy Notes
Resources for Teaching Astronomy
Astronomy & Space Lesson Plans & Activities
Discovery Ed Lessons


Textbook Information

312601 Marine Biology
Ancillary would include (may not be available):
Instructor Testing and Resource CD ROM
Digital content manager CD ROM
Digital Zoology Version CD w/workbook

Online Resources

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