In Case of Lab Safety Emergency - refer to documents HERE that guide safety in our science classrooms and/or refer to instructions on online SDS sheets HERE and/or call the CMS Environmental Safety Dept. at 980-343-6040 for further guidance. Report all accidents to an administrator.

*HS Dept. Chairs

- before your capital outlay order can be approved, a digital copy of your updated Chemical Inventory, School Sci Lab Checklists for each room, and the School Lab Safety Sign-Off sheet must be submitted! All science teachers must complete the GHS Certification on MyTalent.

Please upload the following documents to your school's folder at this LINK:

  • School Lab Safety Sign-Off Sheet - only one copy per school with the signatures of all science teachers verifying GHS Certification

    • School Science Lab Checklist - this must be completed for each room where science lab activities are being taught in your school

    • Chemical Inventory Forms - a specific form is not required as long as it contains the chemical name, quantity, and location; Middle Schools may just want to create a short list of any chemicals they might have, how much they have, & where it is stored. Household products like vinegar and baking soda are considered chemicals & require a SDS sheet.

ChemAssist App.jpg

Link to Fisher Chem Assist App from iTunes - CLICK HERE

Link to Science Ordering Information

Science Ordering information:

GHS Certification

You are REQUIRED to complete the following course within MyTalent within 1 month of hire date to receive GHS Certification:

#418380 PDV Hazard Communications (online)

The new HazCom module in MyTalent has been updated with the new GHS verbiage. We are prompting employees who have not had the required GHS training to watch a short video regarding the GHS changes to the standard before proceeding to the training module. OSHA requires the training to be done once for a new hire and then retraining if any chemicals or processes change. Our employees should go through our MyTalent training at least once (in addition to the orientation training) and they should especially take it if they haven’t had the GHS training. If any employees feel like they need a refresher they are certainly welcome to take the training annually.


CMS Environmental Safety Dept.

Chemical - Biohazard Removal

Please contact the Department of Safety
Director - Kevin Earp -
Department Phone - 980-343-6040
Courier - 785
    • must include chemical name, amount of chemical, description of storage container, & condition

Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE for answers to frequently asked questions about science course content, prerequisites, lab based sciences, graduation requirements, etc.

Capital Outlay Ordering Information - ORDERS DUE ....DECEMBER 15, 2017

State Contracted Vendors: Fisher (~33%)

    • receive discount rate
    • offer free shipping on all orders
    • capital outlay orders can be placed using the websites and passwords listed below

CMS Approved Vendors

    • Other vendors, like Bio-Rad, Science Take-Out, Ward's, Frey, etc. are CMS approved vendors
    • you may not order from a vendor that is not on the approved CMS vendor list
    • if you have a question if a particular vendor is CMS approved, please contact Cindy

Online Shopping Info (available with the following vendors)

Fisher Scientific (~33%):
User Name: cms(yourlastname)
Password: cms(yourcourier#)
Vendor Representative:
Frank Kowalczyk -
Direct Line: 704-666-0294

Frey (~29%):
User name: cms(<1st initial>lastname)
Password is: science(courier#)
Contract Number - C-025252169-F
Non-Contract Order Form Instructions.JPG
Vendor Representative:
Chip Carter-
Phone: 800-225-3739
Fax: 419-520-4978
Direct Line: 336-675-5493

Sargent Welch and Wards (33% SW & 20% Wards)
use the same account number for Wards and Sargent Welch but must register on each website
Vendor Representative:
Yvonne Vivian -
Yvonne Phone: 716-515-6033

If Vendor Online Shopping IS NOT Available

For All Other Vendors:

    • Carolina Biological, BioRad, Ward's, Sargeant Welch, etc.
    • submit capital outlay orders on the CMS Contract Vendor Order Form in a digital format only
    • any orders over $700 require an official quote from that company attached to the order form
    • make sure to calculate shipping into your total for CMS Contract Vendors

Carolina Biological (~10-15%)
Use CMS Contract Vendor form
Receive 15% on Inquiries in Science & Perfect Solutions
Receive 10% on other items
Vendor Representative:
Elizabeth Stanfield -

LAB-AIDS (~10-15%)
    • SEPUP Kits
    • Project based activities for science classrooms
Vendor Representative:
Jeff England -
Phone: 336-406-9448

CMS Contract Vendor Order Form - CLICK HERE

Do's and Don'ts of Ordering with Capital Outlay Funds!
    • funds must be used for science equipment directly aligned with the essential standards
    • orders must represent the needs of ALL science teachers at your school
    • K-8 Schools - funds are only available for grades 6, 7, & 8; supplies for grades 5 & below are not available with this allotment
    • NO copy paper, ink jets, computer hardware or accessories
    • include a quote for any CMS Contract Vendor orders for over $700
    • do not go over your budget
    • please do not order large quantities of chemicals; disposal of chemicals is very expensive
    • all orders must be submitted at the same time
    • incomplete information on any order form might result in your order being significantly delayed or possibly unprocessed
    • please send email to Jan Black when you have completed your ordering

Orders with Funds OTHER THAN Capital Outlay Funds

    • still available to receive discounts & free shipping with Fisher, Sargent Welch, and Frey; make sure discount code is placed on PO
    • can still shop through the password protected websites to view discounted prices; place items in the shopping cart to get a total, but DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT!
    • the order can be printed off or hand copied onto the CMS Contract Vendor Order Form and submitted to your financial secretary

Vendor Discount Codes for CMS - Click HERE