In Case of Lab Safety Emergency - refer to documents HERE that guide safety in our science classrooms and/or refer to instructions on online SDS sheets HERE and/or call the CMS Environmental Safety Dept. at 980-343-6040 for further guidance. Report all accidents to an administrator.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Resources for Physical Science

NCDPI Physical Science Resources - includes essential standards, unpacked content, assessment examples, formative assessment probe alignment, safety resources and links to additional resources

Honors Physical Science is not an offered course

CMS Science Resources

  • activities aligned by standard
  • essential vocabulary
  • guiding questions
  • essential labs
  • unpacked standards broken down into "I CAN' statements

Pacing Guide and Notes

CMS Physical Science Curriculum Guide

CMS Instructional Resources

McGraw-Hill Connect ED Online Textbook Access - Instructions to access online textbook through Canvas Single Sign-On at

PASCO Lab Investigations

Secondary Science 2nd Tier Vocabulary List

Physical Science Common Exam Review Materials - Thanks to Barbara Wallace at Hopewell. Barb cautions to please check for errors and typos!

Keeley Formative Assessments - aligned by Essential Standards

Essential Standards Alignments
Keeley Formative Assessment Probe Books - these books are in PDF format; you can print and/or save just the pages you need; you can also change the language in the probes to reflect your needs

Physical Science Common Core Performance Tasks - Approved Examples

CMS Formative Assessments available on SchoolNet - READY TO USE!

SchoolNet (Please use Firefox browser) - HomeBase > Applications > SchoolNet > Assessment Admin > Find a Test
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CMS SCI PHYSCI 1.1.1 [1166308]

Online Passcode: VU5GE2DA
CMS SCI PHYSCI 1.1.2 [1166310]

Online Passcode: GA9XU7SU
CMS SCI PHYSCI 1.2.1 [1166311]

Online Passcode: KA9BU2
CMS SCI PHYSCI 1.2.2 [1166313]

Online Passcode: FU5RY8SA
CMS SCI PHYSCI 1.2.3 [1166314]

Online Passcode: NU2QA3FY
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.1.1 [1166315]

Online Passcode: LU8QE5
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.1.2 [1166317]

Online Passcode: GU2QU8
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.1.3 [1166318]

Online Passcode: KE3JU6
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.1.4 [1166319]

Online Passcode: KE9JA2SY
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.2.1 [1166320]

Online Passcode: FY3XE5
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.2.2 [1166321]

Online Passcode: PE9NY3RE9
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.2.3 [1166322]

Online Passcode: NU3VY5JE
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.2.4 [1166324]

Online Passcode: CY4GE5
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.2.5 [1166325]

Online Passcode: QY8NY8W
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.2.6 [1166326]

Online Passcode: QY8ZY3VU
CNS SCI PHYSCI 2.3.1 [1166327]

Online Passcode: KU2TA4K
CMS SCI PHYSCI 2.3.2 [1166328]

Online Passcode: PA5XE3PA5
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.1.1 [1166329]

Online Passcode: TU5XU8NA
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.1.2 [1166334]

Online Passcode: SE5XA5ZY8
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.1.3 [1166335]

Online Passcode: NE6KU4N
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.1.4 [1166337]

Online Passcode: SE8GY5P
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.2.1 [1166339]

Online Passcode: XY5WE4
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.2.2 [1166340]

Online Passcode: HU5DE3NE3
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.2.3 [1166342]

Online Passcode: SY3FA8RA4
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.2.4 [1166343]

Online Passcode: WA6MA4GE3
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.3.1 [1166345]

Online Passcode: XA3ME7G
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.3.2 [1166346]

Online Passcode: GA3CU5
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.3.3 [1166347]

Online Passcode: LE8SA8
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.3.4 [1166349]

Online Passcode: WE2DA9CY
CMS SCI PHYSCI 3.3.5 [1166350]

Online Passcode: CA8VU7QY5
CMS SCI PHYSCI Midterm [1166351]

Online Passcode: NY3RY6CE

Physical Science Final Exam Information

Phys Sci Final Exam Questions per Obj.JPG

There will be 45 multiple choice items & NO constructed response items on the Physical Science Final Exam with 120 min. time limit (unless the student has accommodations). NC State Board Of Education policy GCS-A-016 directs schools to use the results from all course-specific NC Final Exams as a minimum of 20% of the student's final course grade. Students taking the Physical Science Final Exam should be provided with a reference table and a scientific calculator. Please make sure all EC, ESL, and 504 students receive their accommodations.

NC Final Exams Materials List & Course Codes Associated with that Final Exam

High School Science Specifications & Weights

NC Released Forms - Spring 2013 - on SchoolNet (see codes above)

NC Released Forms - Fall 2014 - Soon to be on SchoolNet

Common Exam Sample Questions

NC Final Exams FAQs - from NCDPI


Physical Science Common Exam Reference Table

SIOP - Extended Science Vocabulary List

2nd Tier Vocabulary List - the non-science words a student might need to know to answer a question correctly in Biology! Please email me with any words you think might need to be included!!

Test Question Development
Test Questions are Designed using Revised Blooms Taxonomy

CMS Chemical Hygiene Plan

Online Physical Science Resources
Interactive Activities on
Frank Potter's Science Gems

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