Most of these resources were written by me or other CMS science teachers. They are not perfect; however they are here for you to use and not have to start from scratch! I am sure there is plenty of plagiarism to go around on these documents, because we didn't reinvent the wheel either. Any other forms or articles are simply for your benefit. Incorporate them into your practice as you wish if you think they might be valuable to you.

NOTE: Some of these forms are developed on Microsoft Publisher. Most school computers have this software in Microsoft Suite. In order to view Publisher documents, you must download them first and then open them on a computer that has the Publisher software.**

**KNOW THIS Before Students Show-up**

Classroom Management
  • Various Passes - I printed these on cardstock and laminated them. I usually passed them out during group work. I found them good to keep the kids orderly & force them to read directions. The "Ask Your Teacher" pass is great to help kids from calling your name every 2 seconds

Forms to Help You Stay Organized

IEP-504-PEP Accommodation Help

Lab Safety

Letters to Parent About Your Course

Parent-Teacher Contact Info

Parent-Teacher-Student Contract

Procedures and Expectations - not big on rules, but big on procedure! Practice procedures over and over the first month of class. If students do not execute procedure properly, have them do it again.

Signs for Your Classroom

Student Information Sheets

Students - Get to Know Their Teacher

Sample Syllabus