Teaching the NC Essential Standards

RESOURCES to Help in Understanding Content!

NSTA Professional Knowledge Indexer - This site allows teacher to take quick quizzes to guague their professional content knowledge on life science, physical science & earth science topics and then prescribes professional learning resources to assist you with your learning needs!

Understanding the Essential Standards - PowerPoint from NCDPI

NCDPI Curriculum Topic Study Guides

What is a CTS guide? ...They can be used to answer the following questions using national resources as well as NC support documents:
  • What science content do all adults (including teachers) need to know?
  • What are the important concepts, specific ideas, level of sophistication, and terminology appropriate for various grade levels?
  • What are important considerations for instruction, suggested effective strategies, and context for learning?
  • What does research say about possible student misconceptions and developmental considerations?
  • How does conceptual growth of understanding occur as a coherent flow of ideas builds in sophistication?
  • How can this information clarify the meaning and intent of state standards and assist in development of local curricula?

Force & Motion
Physical Science
Earth Science
Life Science

Annenberg Learning Modules
  • learning modules to gain correct content information on various science topics
  • learning modules on the science of learning, assessment, etc.
  • can be sorted by area of discipline

NSTA New Teacher Portal
  • various free resources to organize the classroom, communicate with parents, and provide content activities

NCDPI On-Line Learning Modules
  • a resource for professional development, online assessments, student learning, and other activities for the North Carolina education community

RESOURCES to Help in Teaching Content!

NSTA Learning Center
National Science Digital Library
Free Federal Resources
TED-Ed Resources
Teacher's Domain
  • offers lesson plans, images, audio files, video files
Try Engineering
  • free project based lessons for the classroom; can search by content or by topic
NASA's Mission to Mars
  • provides correlations to NCES 6-8 with several grade-level specific hands-on activities