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2013-14 List of Final Exams & Constructed Response Items

Top 10 Things to Know About Educator Effectiveness in NC

State Board Actions RE: Educator Effectiveness

Value Added Reporting for 2012-13 Assessments

2013 READY Accountability Model Background Brief

- overview of tests for each grade level and how they will count toward each school's annual measurable objectives (AMO). There is discussion about performance composite (proficiency), growth, and AMOs. The brief also shows how to read the results on the web.

Course Codes Aligned with NC Final Exams

January 2014 Testing Window

- NC Final Exams must be done in the last 5 days of the semester; this includes EOCs and MSLs. Schools set their own schedule of what period they test. HS Science elective courses will not have a district wide MSL.

2012-2013 - Cut Scores and News Release from NCDPI - Click Here
  • Local & District scores will be released on Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2013
  • Scroll down article to open spreadsheet of cut scores

Online Assessments - NCDPI

2012-13 Common Exam Grading Information FAQs & Assessment Specifications

The documents below provide the latest information on grading the Common Exams and provide assessment specifications for each exam.

MORE Released Common Exam Constructed Response Questions

Released 2012-13 Common Exams from NCDPI

Released 2012-13 EOC/EOGs from NCDPI

Released test forms for the 2012-13 EOC and EOG are available in an online assessment version and in a paper-and-pencil version. Online sample forms are presented in the same interactive environment as the actual assessment. Both can be accessed at: Released test forms may be used by school systems to help acquaint students with valuable test taking strategies in summative assessment situations.


Released Common Exam Constructed Response Questions

The Department of Public Instruction has released the following constructed response items from the fall 2012 administrations of the Measures of Student Learning: NC's Common Exams. These test items may be used by school systems to help acquaint students with constructed response items on the Common Exams. These materials must not be used for personal or financial gain.
Released Constructed Response for MSLs

Middle Grades MSL/Common Exam Assessment Specifications for Science 4, 6, & 7

  • contains weights given to each topic

High School MSL/Common Exam Assessment Specifications

  • contains weights given to each topic

MSL/Common Exam Assessment Specifications - NCDPI Link

  • scroll down page to see all of the course offerings

Item information for Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physical Science, Physics, and OCS Applied Science

  • All Common Exams will be presented in high school, with the exception of OCS Applied Science, will contain constructed response items
  • The exams will presented in two parts, with students being given 45 minutes to complete each part
  • Part one of the Common Exams in Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Physics will contain 18 – 21 multiple-choice items
  • Part two of the above exams will contain 8 – 12 multiple choice items and 4 – 6 constructed response items
  • The Common Exam for Applied Science for OCS students will also consist of two parts; each containing 18 - 21 multiple choice items

EOG/EOC Assessment Specifications for Grades 5, 8, & Biology

  • contains weights given to each topic

Essential Standards Assessment Examples- for high school tested subjects

High School Biology Released Test Form for 2012-13

READY Accountability Model - It's all based on Revised Blooms Taxonomy and will be tested using the Next Generation Assessments model.

NCDPI "Accountability/Testing" Webinar Offerings for Principals & Teachers - October 24 & 25, 2012; Get help understanding what the new tests are like & how they affect YOU!

Measures of Student Learning aka NC's Common Exams!


Implementing the Measures of Student Learning: NC's Common Exams

Addresses the following topics:
  • test security
  • retesting (there is none!)
  • make-up tests
  • scoring
  • calculator requirements
  • standard 6 and teacher evaluation
  • how student growth will be measured

Reference Materials for High School MSL/Common Exams

MSLs Frequently Asked Questions - Sept. 2012

NC Testing Program Overview - 2012-2013

CMS will be giving paper and pencil tests this year, but this will give you a head' up on what is soon to come...

The Online Assessment Tutorial - Would you like to know what the online assessment system looks like? Would you like your students to be able to practice navigating through an online assessment, using the tools (e.g., flag, strike, highlight) and complete sample items? Then you may want to check out the Online Assessment Tutorial available at . The purpose of the Online Assessment Tutorial is to provide teachers, students and parents with an interactive experience closely resembling an online test administration. Using the Online Assessment Tutorial, students can:
- practice answering questions while becoming familiar with the new item types (e.g., technology enhanced, short answer, numerical entry);
- learn how to navigate the pages; and
- use the tools that are available in the system (e.g., flag, strike, highlight).
Beginning this school year, schools must implement a process to ensure that every student who will participate in an online assessment completes the Online Assessment Tutorial for the assessment at least once at school before test day. The process must be documented in the school’s testing plan. For more information, please contact Kayla Siler at .
Online Assessments - NCDPI

NCDPI On-Line Learning Modules
  • a resource for professional development, online assessments, student learning, and other activities for the North Carolina education community
  • Revised Bloom's Taxonomy course (Phase I Module) - explanation of question stems for new EOGs, EOCs, and MSLs

NAEP Questions Tool
  • After each assessment NAEP releases dozens of sample questions to the public—more than 3,000 questions are currently available. The tools featured here can be used to supplement classroom instruction, provide additional insight into the content of the assessment, and show what students nationally or in your state or district know and can do.