Please review and refer to documents on this page that guide safety in our science classrooms. If a situation occurs in which you are unsure of what to do, you may follow the directives in these documents or SDS/MSDS sheets or feel free to call the CMS Environmental Safety Dept. at 980-343-6040 for further guidance. Link to online SDS sheets HERE.

CMS Lab Safety Student Contract

  • should be filled out and signed by student & parent
  • keep on file

Lab Safety Infographic from Carolina Biological

GHS Certification

You are REQUIRED to complete the following course within MyPD within 1 month of hire date to receive GHS Certification:

#418380 PDV Hazard Communications (online)

The new HazCom module in MyTalent has been updated with the new GHS verbiage. We are prompting employees who have not had the required GHS training to watch a short video regarding the GHS changes to the standard before proceeding to the training module. OSHA requires the training to be done once for a new hire and then retraining if any chemicals or processes change. Our employees should go through our MyTalent training at least once (in addition to the orientation training) and they should especially take it if they haven’t had the GHS training. If any employees feel like they need a refresher they are certainly welcome to take the training annually.

These forms must be completed before your school will be eligible for Capital Outlay funds. Please keep a hard copy on record for yourself and upload the following documents to your school's folder at this


  • CMS School Science Lab Checklist - should be filled out for every room in which science lab activities are taught at your school.
  • CMS Chemical Inventory Form Template - extensive list for High Schools; Middle Schools may just want to create a short list of any chemicals they might have that contains the chemical name, quantity, and location; Household products like vinegar and baking soda are considered chemicals & require a SDS sheet.
  • CMS School Lab Safety Sign-off Sheet - guarantees all of the forms listed above are complete and teachers have a GHS certification.

Please go to Science Dept. Chair page for other chemical inventory forms and the Fisher Chem Assist App download.

Important Documents to Review

CMS Environmental Safety Dept.

Chemical - Biohazard Removal

Please contact the Department of Safety
Director - Kevin Earp -
Department Phone - 980-343-6040
Courier - 785
  • must include chemical name, amount of chemical, description of storage container, & condition

Other Online Resources
Free MSDS Sheets
Free Lab Safety Courses
Microorganism Safety

Activities for Students