Formative Information

What is formative assessment?

  • a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to help students improve their achievement of intended instructional outcomes

Formative assessments are usually given BEFORE or DURING instruction to determine what students know about a topic, while summative assessments are given after instruction occurs to determine levels of mastery.

Purpose of Formative Assessment in CMS

  • The formative assessments are developed by the Data Tools Team in the Office of Accountability, in collaboration with and reviewed by content specialists from C&I. The STEM Department is not responsible for the administration of formative assessments. Given the resources that are available to us we have assisted the Accountability Department in developing the best formative assessment we could. Information regarding testing dates should come from your Testing Coordinator at your school.
  • Formatives were not to be used as an in-class "test" grade; the goal of the formative is to evaluate student readiness on a particular topic/standard. The questions are aligned to pacing and to the new standards. We do not suggest using the formative for a student evaluation of content knowledge by assigning it a letter/number grade that affects the report card. The information gained from the formative assessments is to provide data to the teacher to help drive instructional planning and decision making.

Our district formatives are designed to provide standards based assessment data to used by teachers to inform a larger picture of overall student progress that will help them to plan effective instruction. It is very important to get teacher input so that we can make that data as helpful as possible. The district formative also provides an outside lens to help teams calibrate their understanding of the standards and what students must be able to do to demonstrate mastery of those standards.

If you would like to be part of the Formative Review Team, please email Cindy Rudolph! You will be "put on the list!"

Formative Assessments CANNOT be used for Teacher Evaluation purposes on Standard 6 of the NC Teacher Evaluation Instrument!

Keeley Formative Assessments - aligned by Essential Standards

Essential Standards Alignment Document for K-12

Essential Standards Alignment for Middle School

Keeley Formative Assessment Probe Books - these books are in PDF format; you can print and/or save just the pages you need; you can also change the language in the probes to reflect your needs