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Wiki Set-Up

How to Make a Great Wiki
  • Wiki Design - provides tips and tools that will help you choose good color schemes and design widgets that will make your wiki look great without a lot of effort on your part!
  • Embed Codes - These codes are found all over the internet and they allow you to bring the content from that website into your wiki. See how to pull in a Google Calendar or Form, YouTube video, Prezis, and much more!
  • Wiki Statistics and Analytics - Ever wonder if anyone is actually going to your wiki? What pages do they visit? How long do they stay on a page? Learn how to find this information and, using Google Analytics, get even more detailed results like what browser or device they used to access your wiki.
  • File Management - See how to send files to a wiki from your mobile device using WebDAV. Learn how to make those files display immediately on a page without needing to edit the page!

Curating Content for Parent Night
  • Today teachers are expected to provide a digital presence for students and their parents to access. This can be a place for them to learn more about us as teachers and for us to provide digital resources such as information about our class, homework policy, useful links to tools used throughout the year, and anything else that may be useful. A wiki is a great example of this!

Creating Content: Podcasts, Vodcasts, Screencasts
  • You can create a 21st Century opportunity to teaching, learning, and engaging this generation through the tools and methods that are most impactful. Learn how you and your students can create video and audio podcasts that are aggregated and able to embed on any website so you, your students, and their parents can be engaged and interact with content anywhere. And yes, all of this CAN be done from CMS computers!
  • Prezi Link:

  • CMS has purchased Gaggle for all teachers and staff. This web tool provides 7 GB of email and file storage and much more! Instructional technology will provide assistance in managing or implementing Gaggle in your classroom and school
  • More Information on Gaggle:

Email Management



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