Implementing the Common Core in the Science Classroom

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Common Core State Standards for ELA & Literacy in Social Studies, Science, & Technical Subjects

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Free Common Core PD Modules by SAP

What is the difference between common core standards & the essential standards?

This clip explains...

What are our Focus Standards for Common Core in CMS?


Disciplinary Literacy

  • C&I Literacy Specialist, the fabulous Tanji Marshall, explains the concept of what it means to be "literate" in the discipline of science. Tanji explains the concept of "text" within the science classroom and it IS NOT just reading an article and writing about it!!!

What is TEXT in the Science Classroom?

Examples of "text" in the Science Classroom
Our text can look like this!

  • charts, tables, graphs
  • video files, audio files
  • works of art
  • pictures & diagrams
  • models
  • maps
  • smells, odors, textures
  • patterns that require knowledge to interpret; i.e. patterns seen in waves, spectra (light & sound), test results (gels, karyotypes, microscopic slides, x-rays, Punnett squares, etc.), land and rock formations, seismic charts
  • Last, but not least, articles from science journals or textbook readings

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General Formats for Common Core Performance Tasks

Common Core Performance Task for Biology

Human Impact "Lorax - Climb the Truffula Tree" Activity

Protecting Endangered Species - Scaffolding an Argument for Beginners

*Important to REMEMBER: Every bullet point for every power standard (R1, R10, W1, W2) does NOT have to be met in every lesson. The idea is that the STUDENT meet every bullet point for every power standard appropriate for grade level across multiple disciplines by the end of the year!

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Create your own frame using a topic from one of your Essential Standards!

NCDPI Secondary Science Literacy Resources

- free reading and writing resources to use in the science classroom

Life Science Lessons

Using Classification to Investigate Living Organisms- click on green tabs across the top for more info

Physical Science Lessons

Plastics...To Use or Not to Use - click on green tabs at the top for more info

Earth Science Lessons