Classroom Strategies

This page is designed to help teachers design, create, and implement various classroom activities that engage learners!

KUD Lesson Plan Format - use this worksheet to help you plan out differentiated lessons in your classroom and use the other documents to give you ideas!

Skills List - Examples of skills students should be able to perform as individuals or in groups

Verbs That Challenge - list of verbs to help create a particular activity for a center
  • Predict the effects of acids and bases on various living and nonliving materials by conducting experiments and recording your conclusions in a lab book.
  • Construct a map of an ecosystem showing the interrelationships of plants, animals, and habitats.
  • Analyze how a particular change can be both beneficial and harmful to an organism’s habitat. Create a diagram to show your conclusions.

Questions to Spark Dialogue - question stems that can be used at stations/centers or for classroom discussion