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North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Resources for Biology

NCDPI Biology Resources - includes essential standards, unpacked content, assessment examples, formative assessment probe alignment, safety resources and links to additional resources

Science Honors Course Requirements from NCDPI

Science Honors Implementation - includes Science Honors review rubric, implementation guide, video guide for teachers for honors portfolio and link to NC Honors Implementation Wiki

CMS Science Resources

  • activities aligned by standard, objective and pacing
  • pacing reflects EOC percentages
  • essential vocabulary
  • guiding questions & key questions
  • essential labs
  • unpacked standards broken down into "I CAN' statements

CMS Pacing Guide with Notes - Recommended

CMS Biology Curriculum Guide - Recommended

CMS Instructional Resources - Recommended

McGraw-Hill Connect ED Online Textbook Access - Instructions to access online textbook through Canvas Single Sign-On at

PASCO Lab Investigations
Mudd Biology Handbook 2015-2016
  • Thank you Shari Mudd
  • Aligned to CC & NCES
  • Aligned to CMS Pacing

Biology Exit Tickets - exit tickets with 5 or fewer questions aligned by standard

Keeley Formative Assessments - aligned by Essential Standards

Essential Standards Alignments
Keeley Formative Assessment Probe Books - these books are in PDF format; you can print and/or save just the pages you need; you can also change the language in the probes to reflect your needs

Cindy's Study Guides - Aligned to NCES

  • these are the questions I would want my students to be able to answer
  • these are very lengthy, but include lots of material
  • feel free to use them as you would like; copy and paste to your specs
  • designed to help you teach the unit

Beacon Learning Cycle Assessments - on SchoolNet

Beacon Interim SCI Biology Cycle 1 2015-2016 [641097] Online Passcode: RE5CE7 - Proposed Assessment Window - Sept. 17-22
Learning Cycle 2 - Beacon Interim SCI Biology Cycle 2 2015-2016 [674510] Online Passcode: BA6MU3N
Learning Cycle 3 - Beacon Interim SCI Biology Cycle 3 2015-2016 [725462]
Learning Cycle 4 - Beacon Interim SCI Biology Cycle 4 2015-2016 [641115] Online Passcode: QY5TE5 - Proposed Assessment Window - Dec. 21-Jan.8

CMS Formative Assessments available on SchoolNet - Ready to use!

SchoolNet (Please use Firefox browser) - HomeBase > Applications > SchoolNet > Assessment Admin > Find a Test

CLICK HERE to Learn to Administer a SchoolNet Assessment Online (on CMS Intranet) - CLICK HERE for Step-by-Step Pictures - email for further assistance


CMS SCI BIO - Mod1-SciMeth_STERNGRR [1166268]

Online Passcode: QA9ZU8LA
CMS SCI BIO Mod 2-Biochemistry [1166269]

Online Passcode: ME7CU5MA
CMS SCI BIO Mod 3,5-Cell Structure_Mitosis_Microscopy [1166270]

Online Passcode: DU5ME6FA
CMS SCI BIO Mod 4-Cell Physiology [1166271]

Online Passcode: SE5VU9SE
CMS SCI BIO Mod 6-DNA_Protein Synthesis [1166272]

Online Passcode: RA2NY7TE
CMS SCI BIO Mod 7-Biotechnology [1166273]

Online Passcode: TE6KY2ME4
CMS SCI BIO Mod 5,8,9-Meiosis_Genetics_Human Genetics [1166274]

Online Passcode: FU4TE4
CMS SCI BIO Mod 10-11-Evol_Classification [1166277]

Online Passcode: VA7WY5HU
CMS SCI BIO Mod 12-14-Adaptations_STERNGRR_Behavior [1166278]

Online Passcode: BU7SY7DY5
CMS SCI BIO Mod 15-16-Ecology_Human Impact [1166279]

Online Passcode: XE5ME3QU3
CMS SCI BIO Midterm Benchmark [1166280]

Online Passcode: KA6FE8
CMS SCI BIO Released Practice EOC [1166281]

Online Passcode: QY2XE6BA

Additional Instructional Resources on CMS STEM Intranet

  • activities aligned by standard
  • essential labs
(Note: If links in templates do not work, you can access the materials by going to the "DOCUMENTS" tab on the STEM page and view by folder or by clicking this link:

Curriculum Support Document for Old 2009 Standards - Biology Resources 2010-11.doc
  • still has some very good links to classroom activities

Biology EOC Information - EOC Preparation & Review Resources

Weight Distributions and Number of Items by Clarifying Objective

Biology EOC Weight Distributions.JPG
* Some objectives not designated with tested items (i.e."-") may be tested within the context of another standard

Due to to large file sizes of some resources, they are linked to Google Drive. To access these documents you need to have a CMS Google Apps for Education account associated with your CMS email. If youhave not set up a GAFE account and need assistance, please CLICK HERE.

Biology Common Core Performance Tasks - Approved Examples

Online Biology Resources

Bugscope - Students send in insect specimens for examination with an electron microscope.
Cells Alive!
Cell Biology Animations
Genetic Science Learning Center - University of Utah website. Excellent interactive activities.
Animal Diversity Web - From LEARN NC's Best of the Web
WebWorldWonders - Florida State University website. Check out the interactive dichotomous keys!
Top Ten Amazing Biology Videos - From
BioED Online - Biology Teacher Resources from Baylor College of Medicine


WARNING! - These questions are aligned to the 2009 standards, however they are easily transferable to the Essential Standards. Please pay close attention to the Virus & Disease questions as the Essential Standards primarily focus on determining how bacteria, viruses, and chemicals can influence natural selection. You may cut and paste any of these questions to fit your classroom needs. Review each question to make sure it is correct before placing it on an exam. Answer keys are NOT included. Feel free to email me if you need the answer to a specific question or questions.

2004 Standards to Essential Standards Crosswalk

Honors Exam from Matt Rice @ South Meck

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