2016-2017 Biology Alliance Meetings - TBD

2016-2017 Earth & Environmental Science Meetings - Pamela Weghorst - Myers Park HS - LA208 - 3:30 pm
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2016-2017 Physics Alliance Meetings - Dan Eronson - South Meck O-Bldg. 3:30 pm - myTalent #417001

Oct 11 – Energy vs. Momentum
Although sharing similar mathematical development, Newton’s third law leads to very different consequences and applications in these two ideas. Conservation of energy means something completely different than the meaning of conservation of momentum.

Nov 15 - Springs, Oscillations, and Waves
By connecting oscillations of individual particles to the movement of a wave, one finds much more comfort teaching frequency as the central theme of waves rather than wavelength.

Dec 13 – Visual Circuits
The conceptual understanding of the equivalent resistance of a parallel circuit and series circuits and how using colors to visualize electric potential helps us appropriately understand voltage and current flow.

Jan 17 – Electric Potential Energy
The most daunting task of any physics student is putting a physical notion to an idea based on mathematical principles. This session will guide you to strengthen your physical understanding of electric potential and electric potential energy. Be sure to attend Energy vs. Momentum, if possible, for full growth during this session.

Feb 14 – Teaching Kinematics Conceptually
Losing the bottom 25% of physics students because they are bad at math, and losing the top 25% of students because they feel kinematics is too easy is not a framework upon which any teacher wants to build a physics course.

Mar 14 – Radiation, Light, Color and Sound
In a world where all seems physically certain the depths of this topic still perplex the most brilliant of physicists. Join us in connecting and applying ideas of radiation, light, color, and sound.

April 18 – Circular Motion and Rotation
Two concepts which rarely hold conceptual basis in introductory physics are developed from conceptual thought and only a few algebraic steps. An understanding of constrained linear and rotational motion will follow.

May 16 – Magnetism/Teaching Forces First
Both the most applicable yet perplexing of subjects, magnetism finds application in all facets of physics when understood conceptually.
Teaching forces first is my trick to winning over my students’ wonder in the first week of school. This part of the session will address the nature of forces as we best understand them and why the first and third laws of Newton need more attention than the second. By the end of this session, you should be able to decide whether forces first is the right fit for your students next year.
Please Contact me with any questions or concerns:
Dan Eronson

2016-2017 Middle School Alliance Meetings - TBD

Room 036 (Ground Floor)
Educ Bldg is #52 on Campus Map
Park FREE in Union Deck - Visitors
Start Time - 8:30am
Guest Speaker - 9am
PD Registration Info will be coming as soon as we switch over to the new system.
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