AP Curriculum Modules - click on your subject and scroll down the page
each module features one to four lessons on a curricular topic that was identified as challenging for either students or teachers. Each lesson contains the following components:
  • Explicit connections to the AP course curriculum
  • Learning outcomes for students and teachers
  • Descriptions of prerequisite knowledge for students and teachers
  • Descriptions of students' common misconceptions about the topic
  • Instructional activities
  • Ideas for differentiating
  • One or more formative assessments
  • At least one summative assessment

2015-16 AP/IB Science Alliance Meetings


Science Lead AP/IB Teachers:

Biology - Krista Shunkwiler - krista.shunkwiler@cms.k12.nc.us
Environmental - Diana Shell - diana.shell@cms.k12.nc.us
Physics - Brian Lefler - brian.lefler@cms.k12.nc.us
Chemistry - Mona Hedrick - m.hedrick@cms.k12.nc.us

AP Textbook Information

PEARSON - AP Textbook Online Resources Login Information (APES, APBIO, APPHYS) - CLICK HERE to view specifics of AP Textbook resources for your classroom.

APES - AP Edition Environment: The Science Behind the Stories 4th Edition; Withgott & Brennan (Pearson); ISBN: 9780132603782 (4th edition)

AP Biology - Campbell Biology AP Edition; Campbell (Pearson); ISBN: 9780131375048 (9th edition)

AP Physics B – College Physics: A Strategic Approach, 2nd ed.; Knight (Pearson); ISBN: 9780132832113 (2nd edition)

AP Physics C – no adoption

  • register for an access code at the Instructor Resource Center (IRC), instructions below. After you receive the confirmation and code, use the document above to register the book and set up your course; look over the document a few times before registering to make sure you start the registration process correctly
  • a nice little tutorial can also be viewed here: Mastering Access Code Request & Registration.

To begin, please go to the following site to sign up for your Mastering Instructor access:
Select Option 2, Initial Year Adoption
Then, select Option 3, MyLab, Mastering, and Companion Web Site Access for Printed Textbook Adopters
Select the appropriate information from the drop down menus (subject, title, etc.) and select Continue
On the following page, fill out the necessary information and hit Submit
*Please note it can take 2-5 days for the information to be validated and a confirmation email, with access code, to be returned to the teacher

After the email is received with the access code, the teacher will go to www.pearsonschool.com/access to begin the Mastering registration process. Please see the document above for further information. There are many tutorials and documents that can be viewed on the Mastering site under the Support tab, and on our Pearson training site, I've included a link below.

MyPearsonTraining Mastering Tutorials

If there are any questions about the registration process, please reach out to Shannon Still with PEARSON if you have any questions:

Shannon Still - CMS Account Executive - Pearson
Direct Line - 703-861-9814

Scott Skene - Science Specialist - Pearson
Direct Line - 803-610-5038

McGraw Hill - AP Textbook Online Resources Login Information (AP Chem)

Username: chang680
Password: instructor

May use this access until you are granted your own.
Website: http://glencoe.mheducation.com/sites/0076656101/student_view0/index.html
Username: katherinea.semmler@cms.k12.nc.us
Password: cmschem

AP Chemistry – Chemistry from McGraw Hill; Raymond Chang (McGraw Hill)

ISBN: 9780076656103 (11th edition)

Chemistry (Chang), AP* Edition © 2014

Grade Levels 9 - 12

This best-selling text continues to take a traditional approach and is often considered a teacher and student favorite.

The eleventh edition update features a straightforward writing style and proven problem-solving strategies.

2014-15 Changes to AP Physics Scheduling by College Board

AP Chemistry Review Materials

Tips for Taking the NEW AP Biology Exam